175 years Lindt & Sprüngli

3 Dear readers, These are special moments in which time stands still for a short while. These are moments that remain unforgettable and, at Lindt&Sprüngli, are always shaped by passion, creation, vision, and emotion. But we’re not standing still – quite the contrary: these four pillars are the essence of our work, the motor that drives us and provides further unforgettable moments. The first chapter of this magazine is dedicated to the people in the company and their passion. What are the wonderful stories behind our passion? The second chapter focuses on our innovative product range and its careful creation. The world-famous Master Chocolatiers offer an insight into their artistry and our uncompromising commitment to premium quality. In the third chapter, we dive into our vision of Lindt&Sprüngli as a global player with all the highlights that define us today. The fourth chapter addresses emotion – our ambitious goal of making chocolate tangible for you through the unique Lindt Home of Chocolate, our commitment to sustainable practices, and the joy of delighting you with our products. — in 175 words Editorial — 175 years of chocolate history